MAC-Lab originated as a support facility to research and teaching activities through technologically advanced and innovative equipment and pilot plants.

The research activities involving trials at industrial scale are carried out at selected industries after a phase of setup study in this Lab.

This Lab belongs to School SAFE of University of Basilicata.

The MAC-Lab team currently holds two patented devices:

Innovation Radar  – highlighting excellent innovations of ‘key innovators’

BLOW®, one of the innovations developed in the MYPACK project has been analysed by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. The Innovation Radar platform builds on the information and data gathered by independent experts involved in reviewing ongoing research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission.

The insertion of the BLOW® device in biodegradable films for fresh fruit and vegetable confers breathing properties to the packaging, it has been recognised as a very innovative device by European Commission’s Innovation Radar. Having the capability to address the needs of existing markets, the market maturity of this innovation is ‘Business Ready‘.

Publication submitted but still under review

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  • ChemLab
    • Food materials physical and chemical analysis for process quality control.
    • Development of improved statistical models for spectrophotometric UV-Vis-Nir based sensors used as tools for rapid food analysis assessment. Some selected examples with regard to:
      • Donkey’s milk
      • donkeymilk
      • Kaki
      • kaki
      • Husk from olive oil extraction
      • husk
  • FoodLab
    • Innovative food product development.
  • MechLab
    • Design and building of innovative processing plants.
  • Technology Hub (MAC-Lab facility TWO)
    • This MAC-Lab branch is currently awaiting the ASL approval for industrial production of dairy and fruit juice products.
    • Testing of innovative industrial scale plant and/or production.
      • Small Scale Donkey’s Milk Pasteurization Plant.
    • Supporting of Dairy Production Edamus Classroom”.

Available Equipment ⇒

  • Cold storage treatment in MAP
  • Filtration (100 L/h)
  • Long-term cold storage rooms
  • Low pressure & Low temperature thermal concentration (50 L/h)
  • Low pressure distillation (50 L/h)
  • Lyophilisation (3 kg/day)
  • Microwave treatment with temperature control (1 kg & 700 W)
  • Pasteurization (750 L/h)
  • Pilot-scale control system using a spectrophotometric computer-based apparatus
  • Pre-cooling and cooling treatment
  • Reverse osmosis (1000 L/h)
  • Spray drying using a pilot scale spray dryer (5 L/h)
  • Spray drying using an enhanced Lab spray dryer (0.5-1.5 L/h)
  • Ultrafiltration (1000 L/h)

Main activities of the last years

List of contracts with private clients




CREA-ACM Acireale (CT)


ARA – Potenza – Italy


FEEM – Milano – Italy


APO Armonia – Eboli (SA) – Italy


AREA SP – Trieste – Italy


Idea Natura – Eboli (SA) – Italy


AREA SP – Trieste – Italy


Idea Natura- Eboli (SA) – Italy


AREA SP – Trieste – Italy

List of graduated PhD students

Graduated PhD Students


D’Erchia Leonarda


Genovese Francesco


Strano Maria Concetta


Calandra Maria Rosaria


Chiarenza Andrea


Tauriello Antonella


Admane Naouel


Attilio Matera

In course

Moreover, MAC-Lab offers support to:

  • Building of control systems and electronic devices;
  • Building of heavy mechanics devices;
  • Gas chromatography (GC);
  • Gas measurement (CO2, O2, O3, SO2, C2H4);
  • Rheological tests;
  • Spectrophotometric trials by: deep-UV, UV, VIS and NIR spectrophotometers.