F. Genovese


Francesco Genovese – supports the team leader of MAC-Lab.


F. Genovese is assistant professor at the Dept. SAFE – School of Agricultural Forest Food and Environmental Sciences – Basilicata University – Potenza – Italy, lecturing in “Machines and plants for agro-industry processing”.

Research activity carried on is related to following subjects:

  • lay-out and design of food-industry processing plants (pilot and industrial);
  • food processing optimization and effectiveness;
  • quality control and assurance in food processing;
  • energy saving and process analysis.

Particular reference is made to the following:

  • fruit and vegetables;
  • post-harvest and storage technology;
  • refrigeration room design;
  • refrigeration controlled atmosphere room;
  • air and water pre-cooling systems;
  • automated systems of storage and packing;
  • dairy industry with particular reference to cheese production;
  • innovative plant and process for recovering the proteins from the whey;
  • computer application in all agricultural activities and food processing.

Research undertaken has developed solutions of hardware and software in farm and industry management. Treatment of wastewater in agricultural and food industry, and of oil-mills in particular. Extraction of vegetable oils, both mechanical and centrifugal, especially olive oil. Small plant design and construction for field processing of agricultural product.

The experience in working and operation analysis of machines and plants for storage and processing of fruit and vegetables, dairy farms, wine industries, oil mills, waste water purification, energy saving and recovering in food process, combined with laboratory practice and knowledge of agro-industrial automation process control, make prof. Genovese an expert in the field of plant for agro-industries.