G. Altieri


Giuseppe Altieri – supports the team leader of MAC-Lab.


G. Altieri is an associate research professor at the Dept. SAFE – School of Agricultural Forest Food and Environmental Sciences – Basilicata University – Potenza – Italy, currently lecturing in “Automation and Control of the Agro-food Industry Processes” and in “Food engineering: principles of machines and plants for the agro-food industry”.

He is a specialist in design and setup of on-line control systems for the storage, cooling and freezing of agricultural foodstuffs and in the use of spectra multilinear statistical analysis to optimize and control the agro-food processes.

The research activity, developed in the main fields related to Agricultural Mechanics, Machines and Plants for Agro-food Industries, Mechanization of Livestock Farming Plants, Automation and Control of the Agro-food Industries, Machines and Plants for Post-harvest, it is mainly focused on modelling, control and automation of the agro-industrial production processes and agricultural machineries, with the aim of optimization, management of both production and energy requirements; this is accomplished through the development of new technologies and new sensors for the on-line process control related to agro-industry plants.

They have been developed:

  • new pre-treatment methods applied to postharvest of the fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • improved methods of multilinear statistical analysis to characterize properties of agricultural foodstuffs;
  • optimization and control of olive oil extraction by decanter centrifuge;
  • automatic control systems for the cold storage of fruits in modified atmosphere dosing innovative gases.

These research activities have been completed with the development, design and building of ad hoc custom software, models, prototypes and experimental devices.

In each developed research prof. Altieri has usually brought his contribution to the current state of the art, sometimes improving it through new methodologies and the building of innovative prototypes.

Prof. Altieri is one of the inventors of a device for controlling gaseous exchanges between the inside and outside of a package for solid or liquid food products (see details at PCT/IB2016/0506600).