G.C. Di Renzo


Giovanni Carlo Di Renzoteam leader of MAC-Lab.


G.C. Di Renzo is full professor at the Dept. SAFE – School of Agricultural Forest Food and Environmental Sciences – Basilicata University – Potenza – Italy, lecturing in “Machines and plants for agro-industry processing”.

In the last years has been carried on research activity on the following subjects:

  • lay-out optimization of food-industry processing plants;
  • fruit and vegetable post-harvesting and processing optimization and effectiveness;
  • quality control and assurance in food processing; energy saving and process analysis;
  • application of computerized management system to Basilicata – Southern Italy dairy farms.

The application of computerized dairy farm management system started considering the amount and quality data of milk produced as part of a more complex control system designed in order to manage the production data and based on an electronic animal identification (ruminal bolus), data collection system (PLC and PC) and software for data transferring and managing.

The main topics of research activity carried out on food-industry processing plants are the following:

  • on line quality control of processed product;
  • on line pesticides monitoring and control on processed product and in the washing water;
  • developing of innovative plant for medium and long term storage of horticultural commodities.

The scientific and professional experience in design, working and operation analysis of machines and plants for storage and processing of fruit and vegetables, for dairy farms, wine industries, for oil mills, for waste water purification, for energy saving and recovering in food process, combined with laboratory practice and knowledge of agro-industrial automation process control, make prof. Di Renzo an expert in the field of plant for agro-industries.

Prof. Di Renzo is one of the inventor of a device for controlling gaseous exchanges between the inside and outside of a package for solid or liquid food products (patent pending – date of deposit 28/05/2015 for Italian Patent; 05/02/2016 for PCT Patent).